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Only 8% of Americans Actually Achieve Their New Year’s Resolution– How Laser LipoSculpting at MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center Can Help the Other 92%

When patients want to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat it’s about more than just sucking out the fat. It’s
about creating a desired look that typically goes beyond simply removing the fat.
It’s that time of year when the champagne corks are 􀂧ying, Ryan
Seacrest is counting down the Times Square ball drop, “Auld Lang Syne”
is being sung in drunken merriment and people are swearing that this is
the year they will actually achieve their New Year’s resolution. According
to, about 60% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions but
only about 8% of us are actually successful in achieving them. In 2019,
sticking to a healthy diet, exercising more and losing weight were the
top 3 resolutions. If reducing fat and getting shapely curves and
contours are on your New Year’s resolution, why not opt for a method
that has a much higher success rate.
A method that celebrities like Amber Rose, Cardi B, Chrissy Tiegen,
Kathy Gri􀂨n, Jamie Lee Curtis and Heidi Montag have all used
successfully to eliminate unwanted fat – liposuction. In the United
States, liposuction or more commonly known as “lipo” is the second
most sought after cosmetic surgical procedure. It utilizes a suction
technique to remove fat from speci􀂦c areas of the body that don’t tend
to respond as easily to diet and exercise. To get his patients the best
results, cosmetic surgeon and Medical Director of MilfordMD Cosmetic
Dermatology and Laser Center in Milford, PA Dr. Richard Buckley prefers
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When patients want to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat it’s about more than just sucking out the fat. It’s
about creating a desired look that typically goes beyond simply removing the fat.
Clients often ask
how many pounds
will be removed
with Laser
to utilize a version of liposuction called Laser LipoSculpture that goes
beyond simply sucking out the fat.
“Patients often ask how many pounds of fat will be removed with Laser
LipoSculpture but what they truly desire is a particular look in and out of
their clothing,” says Dr. Buckley. “That look isn’t achieved only with fat
removal but with contours and is a function of creating evenness,
symmetry and pleasing proportions. Much as a sculptor of stone uses
􀂦ne tools to release the being from the rock so too do cosmetic
surgeons use 􀂦ne tools to bring out the best in our patients.”
Often laser liposuction and liposculpture are used interchangeably but
do not be misled. Laser liposuction only melts unwanted fat away with a
very small, precise laser 􀂦ber. Combining laser liposuction and body
sculpting techniques, Laser LipoSculpture relies on the doctor’s artistic
ability to sculpt curves by removing fat and tightening the skin. As Dr.
Buckley says, “it is not about sucking, injecting, squirting, etc… it is
always about the artistry. Done well, most things are not as simple as
they seem and body sculpting and rejuvenation are two of those things.
LipoSculpture requires skillful hands and an artistic eye in the pursuit of
When most people think of liposuction they typically only think of the
major problematic areas such as abdomen, thighs, love handles. With Laser LipoSculpture patients can
go beyond areas of bulk fat removal to some of the 􀂦ner areas of the body such as the face, jowls, neck,
elbows, knees and ankles (“cankles def: thick or stout ankles”) where precise, artistic sculpting can yield
amazing results. In fact, Laser LipoSculpture is ideal for a wide variety of problem areas such as saddle
bags, tummy rolls in the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, double chin, knees, calves, arms, hips, and
“When it comes to Laser LipoSculpture pretty much any part of the body is fair game. But a key point for
those interested in cosmetic improvement is to be seen by a cosmetic medical doctor who understands
aging including volume changes and specializes in improving contours and skin quality. Some areas of
excess fat may require only laser liposuction treatment such as the face whereas other areas of fat
accumulation such as around the ankles may require only minimal fat removal by sculpting to achieve
outstanding results,” says Dr. Buckley.
While there really is no area of the body Laser LipoSculpture can’t treat, the upper arms are a favorite
treatment for women, according to Dr. Buckley. From small fat accumulations that just won’t respond to
exercise to the ever frustrating “bat-wings” that say hello when waving good-bye, arms tend to respond
well to Laser LipoSculpture alone if there is not a lot of loose skin. For patients who have a signi􀂦cant
amount of loose skin, especially in those who have lost a large amount of weight, Dr. Buckley trims off the
excess skin in an in-o􀂨ce procedure known as brachioplasty.
Not only does while-awake laser liposuction treatment differ vastly from so called non-invasive
treatments, it also provides a much better solution for patients who want or need more fat removal and
body sculpting than popular treatments such as EmSculpt and CoolSculpting. While EmSculpt creates
some change in muscle it does not remove fat deposits or provide detailed contour change.
CoolSculpting does kill about 20-25% of the fat cells per treatment in the treated area but since the
treatment utilizes a one-size-􀂦ts-all applicator there is no ability to artistically sculpt the body to the
patient’s desired results.
LipoSculpture but
what they truly
desire is a
particular look in &
out of clothing.
That look is
achieved with fat
removal AND
artistic contour
enhancement. It
requires a true level
of artistry to create
symmetry and
“Using safe, local tumescent anesthesia or ‘while awake’ anesthesia on the localized treatment areas, in
our AAAHC nationally accredited surgical center at MilfordMD, we typically make no incisions and place
no drains during Laser LipoSculpture. “Our patients return to their normal activities quickly”, states Dr.
Buckley. “We do have them wear compression garments after the procedure to enhance the results and
limit bruising. While we do recommend taking a day off work after the procedure, many of our patients
have returned to work the following day.”
Make a resolution that is easy to keep. Reduce fat and sculpt gorgeous contours with Laser
LipoSculpture. “I love treating my patients with Laser LipoSculpture because it is a hand-crafted art form
that allows me to put my 30 years of experience and eye for perfection to work to create beautiful results
and happiness for my patients,” says Dr. Buckley.
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