January 2013 NewsFlash

Selective Service System Seeks Business Leaders for Draft Board Service

Since 1973, our military is staffed exclusively by volunteers. All the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are all serving because they want to serve --- they were not drafted. These individuals are clearly patriots who love their country and serve (and have served) with great honor, courage and skill.
However, in the event of a major war or national emergency the mechanisms for a draft system must be in place for national mobilization. Few know that local communities need to appoint members to their local Draft Boards, even though the Draft System itself is now largely inactive. Members of local Draft Boards must be trained and ready to go, even though we all hope they will never be needed.
Selective Service officials like the idea of recruiting for local Draft Board members from among local businesspeople. As Major Drew Techner of the US Army Reserve (215-906-9373.) mentioned during his visit to the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, “businesspeople are ideal candidates because they know how to run their businesses and know how to prioritize to get things done.”
Consequently, the Selective Service System is looking for a few good men and women to serve on the local Draft Board. If you have any interest in serving in the capacity as a local Draft Board official you might want to look at a specific website: All information and applications are readily available at that site. Successful candidates will be appointed by the President.

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