December 2019 NewsFlash

Wayne Memorial Thanks Outgoing Chair

During his tenure as Chairman of the Board of Wayne Memorial Hospital & Health System, Dirk Mumford oversaw multiple milestones, including the hospital’s biggest expansion in its history: the construction of the new private-room patient tower. Mumford served as chair from 2014-2019 and first vice chair from 2010-2014. He joined the board as a trustee in 2007. “It’s been a privilege to serve,” said Mumford at his last official meeting on October 30th, “and an honor.” Mumford, who resides in Lake Como in northern Wayne County, was given a plaque and a special pen and box made of spalted maple. On the box was engraved what the Administration called a “Dirk-ism,” the quote “Grateful you were not a hard dog to get out from under the porch!” It gave Mumford a chuckle. He enjoys wood carving and is originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. “We are seriously grateful, though,” said Wayne Memorial CEO David Hoff, “to you Dirk, for your years of service,”

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