April 2020 NewsFlash

Pitch in today to help purchase shavings for the horses' stalls

You've probably heard the saying, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” meaning, be grateful when receiving a gift. Have you ever wondered why we say that? Looking in a horse’s mouth is a way to assess its age, and traditionally, its value, with younger horses generally prized over older ones. Looking in the mouth of a horse you received as a gift would be a way to check its worth, like looking for the price tag on a present.

GAIT knows that when it comes to horses, younger is not always better. GAIT has ten horses, most over the age of 20, with the temperament and experience required to help fulfill GAIT’s mission: Improving the quality of life of children and adults with special needs through equine activities and therapies.

GAIT also knows about being grateful. Without generous donors and volunteers, GAIT could not continue connecting horses with people in need. This winter into spring, GAIT hopes our local community will respond to a special request for donations to purchase the shavings used in the horses’ stalls. Shavings keep horses clean and comfortable through the cold and muddy months of January, February, March, and April. Each bag of shavings costs $6.50. At a bag a week per horse, that’s $65/week, $260/month, or $1040 for the 16-week winter. If you would like to help, GAIT welcomes and appreciates your gift.

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