Winter Weddings

Wondrous Winter Wonderland Wedding
by James A. Campistrous

Our lives seem to get busier and busier every year. Finding time to celebrate the little things is tossed aside as we strive to forge through the daily grind and the mounting responsibilities of work, family and maintaining one’s lifestyle. The winter season, specifically the months of January through March finally bring with them a lull in activity. Actually for many it is the most recuperative and sometimes boring time of the year. It is the most “perfect” time of the year to host forgotten dinners and celebrations that got passed-over during the previous tumultuous months – and better yet, a wedding..

The winter months bring with them a uniqueness which sustains memories that last for years. Winter foods and beverages are hearty, aromatic, and provide the most comfort than any other season. Celebrating with soul warming soups, aromatic sauces, and tasty warm beverages such as cider, hot chocolate or cordials fills one’s senses heightening the contrast of the cold outdoors with the serene cozy comforts of the indoors. Taking advantage of the slower winter months by sharing delectable foods with special friends or family allows us to reconnect and sustains our family-friendship bonds through those hectic and busy months.

There is such a dichotomy with winter as the cold winter winds blow and rustle the trees and slap against the window panes while you and yours relax comfortably surrounded by rich wooden furnishings, a crackling fireplace, and cozy sweaters traditional to the Poconos. Whether it is a group of six or twenty, our personal space yields just a little as we gravitate to emotionally and physically become closer to each other, in order to shun the elements. The human bonds re-establish as we find warmth and comfort in the company of others as we surround ourselves with colors of deep purples, reds, browns, and greens juxtaposing the outdoor winter gradiance of colors from grays to pure white. It truly is a season in which to celebrate the milestones of our lives, whether large or miniscule, new or re-kindled.

The most memorable weddings, family and friend reunions, delayed birthdays and graduation celebrations have all occurred during the winter months. Since it isn’t high season for the stores or hosting restaurants and facilities, there is a calmness that permeates all aspects of the planning and execution. Everyone smiles more and cares just a bit more because they have the time to do so. The rush of the high season is eliminated and the focus is more on you, the customer at hand. Planning and executing a wedding or party in few weeks is indeed possible, complete with a master photographer, seasonal floral arrangements, and your choice of music and food.

Winter is the most romantic season for a couple to be joined in matrimony. Winter weddings take on an elegance and fullness that can’t accurately be described verbally; rather, it is a feeling deep inside fostering an internal bond between the couple. Truly a most romantic experience, as compared to standing on a beach held in the arms of your loved one nearing the end of a sunset over the horizon. Whether large and celebratory or small and intimate in size a winter wedding in forever memorable.

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