Spring Weddings

Spring is here (Almost)
by James A. Campistrous

A spring wedding is refreshing. Some general characteristics of spring find their way into wedding styles and décor. Specifically, the colors of spring “pop” with exuberance with characteristic bright pinks, lavenders, yellows, greens and blues. These vibrant colors work best in your theme and style when utilized alone to provide an accent color or in pairs to provide a traditional feel. Using multiple spring colors however, will give the feeling of attending an Easter Egg Festival so be cautious and avoid combining too many colors.

The spring season has a plethora of flowers to choose from; daffodils, tulips, irises, pansies, lilacs and the traditional favorite Easter Lilies. These flowers work well as simple arrangements of the same flower in bunches from three to twelve. With three to seven flowers a taller vase works best, while a lower vase or container filled with more than ten flowers gives richness to the table.

With the budding flowers and the fresh new growth the allergy season also arrives. It is important for spring brides (and grooms) to be prepared for the onset of allergy symptoms. Who wants to walk down the aisle sneezing and blotting a runny nose? At least a week before your wedding day make sure that you have your allergy or asthma prescriptions refilled, remembering that you may have to make an appointment with your primary care physician to obtain a refill. Please be cautious about taking new medication the day before or on your day, as reactions may be mild to severe. A trip to the Emergency Room in your wedding dress (or tuxedo) will be memorable, but let plan on other memories.

If you planning on a spring wedding for next year, you should start looking at various places that offer both inside and outside venues in the same location. The reason being that spring weather is unpredictable with cold snaps, rain and damp conditions. As spring matures into early summer the weather becomes consistently warmer whereby outdoor venues are more suitable.

Let’s talk about your dress. Strapless is in! But you know that already. If this is the style you choose, or with any style actually, be sure to remember to accessorize yourself with a cover for your shoulders. This can take the form of a shrug, shawl, pashima, or even a fur wrap or stole. Whichever you choose make sure that it keeps you warm and toasty during those rainy or chilly days. There is nothing worse then seeing a bride “freezing” as she is walking down the aisle or while standing in the traditional reception line at the doorway of the church.

If you take a few minutes to prepare for the unexpected and unpredictable conditions that an early spring wedding brings, your memories will be pleasant ones.

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