Fall Weddings

A Fall Wedding
by James A. Campistrous

So you’re getting married this fall. How wonderful a season to get married! The colors the scents of the breezes that rustle the leaves from the trees all add to your special day. Some tips for fall brides as the weather can range from the 70’s to the 50’s in the same day and the ground is usually damp;

- Strapless is in, so be sure to wear a shrug or jacket that compliments your dress. Opera length or mid-length gloves can add some needed warmth and look grand.

- Have an umbrella handy (white if possible) to the ceremony and for pictures for impromptu showers or mist.

- Be careful with high heels as they can sink in the soggy or damp ground and you can potentially twist your ankle.

- If your dress has a train, be mindful not to let it drag on the wet or damp ground as water will add much weight to the fabric and you may feel like your carrying around a wet blanket behind you.

- Be sure to retreat to a heated area or vehicle and avoid long exposure in damp or cooling weather. Who wants to go on their honeymoon with a cold?

- Check ahead of time for refunds due to inclement weather and possible alternatives for your honeymoon due to seasonal storms.

- Leaves can be slippery, especially when damp. So are wooden and cement/stone stairs.

- If you having a tented event, order sides for the tent and a heater. The added cost is well worth it even if you don’t use them. You may even be able to negotiate a significant cost reduction especially if they are not used or removed from any packaging.

- Adding fallen leaves to your décor may look beautiful but be careful as leaves as they dry become very flammable.

- If your hair uncurls, be prepared to perform an up-do.

Smile! And enjoy your fall wedding day!

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