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We understand that planning a wedding can often seem like an overwhelming task and are here to help you (however we can). Pike County is a breath-taking place to have a wedding. Our desire is to ensure you have access to the best local vendors and venues who are experts in creating your special day amidst our 4-season wonderland. A single call will help connect you with them.

What Is A Wedding Ambassador?
The Pike County Chamber of Commerce Wedding Ambassador is a local expert on Pocono Weddings. Our Wedding Ambassador, James Campistrous, can advise you from what DJ to use, to what facility is ideal for your wedding size, to the best time of year to have a wedding in the Poconos, as well as, much much more.

Why Get Married In Pike County?
Pike County is a unique and memorable location for your wedding - from the charming historical buildings to the beautiful natural landscapes, these are many reasons couples exchange their vows here every year.

Your unique wedding in the Poconos
by James A. Campistrous

The Pocono's is an expression that covers a vast amount of area consisting of over two thousand miles. This immense area contains locations and venues which will take your breath away. Amazingly there are probably several right in your area that you aren't aware of. Imagine celebrating your special day in the midst of such natural beauty as wooded peaks and valleys, sparkling lakes, and cascading waterfalls. In the midst of my Pocono home town of Milford, Pennsylvania I have uncovered some spectacular sites less than an hour away. These venues vary from a multi-million dollar restored turn of the century hotel, in the middle of a bustling little town, to a lakeside cozy restaurant/stable Inn just off a main highway that you'd never know was there. Whatever season you choose, the Pocono's offers the perfect location for your unique and memorable wedding or celebration.

The juxtaposition of you in an elegant gown in a rustic or natural setting is spectacular. Picture yourself descending down a slate staircase to a lakeside deck for your vows. Your family is seated on the lush green grass under the shade of majestic Black Walnut trees as you take your place near the water's edge with the beauty of the glistening water behind you. There is no hum of cars. Just the soothing sounds of the nearby birds singing to you, the rustle of the Pampas grass, and the aromas that float on the soft breeze which caresses you. There you stand with your soon to be life partner surrounded by calm, peace, and natural majesty. This will indeed be a memory you will cherish forever.

There are many different types of styles that would compliment your unique wedding in the Pocono's. French country is a festive style which is easily incorporated into any Pocono architecture and setting. The traditional colors of blue and yellow; brick red and gold; or cream and red, blend perfectly with the components of wrought iron, six-over-six windows and the furnishings and millwork of period structures. Even infusing the traditional brilliantly colored Country French Rooster in the form of napkins or centerpieces will fit in wonderfully. If you choose an English style reception, your focus will be on fine detailed or printed table linens, dinnerware of bold colors with rims of gold, glorious candlesticks and candelabras all which will fit seamlessly within historic museum and gallery settings and locations. Your English style reception can consist of a traditional brunch, an afternoon tea, or an elegant and sophisticated sit down dinner.

On the other end of the spectrum, mixing dark modern furniture with sleek lines with quilt-like compositions such as in table linens or chair scarves is a striking style for your reception. These seemingly unrelated periods work well with each other, offering an innovative and pioneering look keeping your wedding foremost in the minds of you and your guests as the most distinctive ever.

Every bride wants their wedding to be unique. There is no need to have a vanilla wedding, in an overdone room, filled with tasteless monochromatic furnishings, that looks and feels like weddings that you yourself have attended before.

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