July 2017 NewsFlash


Portland, Oregon - Olive Gallagher, native of Milford, PA, president/CEO of Moonlight Man
Productions, an indie film and television production company, and the screenwriter/director/
producer of Journeys, an indie feature, announced today that principal photography on the film
has now been officially rescheduled to begin in the autumn of 2018.
“While it’s always disappointing to push any project out on the calendar, the exciting news for
Journeys is that most everyone attached to the film is remaining on board and totally
committed,” emphasized Gallagher. “That doesn’t happen that often in this business. That
includes our brilliant actors, Laila Robins, James Morrison and Julie Fain Lawrence, as well as
our amazing Emmy-winning DP, Petr Cikhart, costume designer, Katherine Roth, and our
extraordinary casting director, Barbara McNamara and composer, Paul Buckley. And of course,
the legendary D.C. Fontana remains involved as one of our EPs and a mentor.”
Gallagher confessed, “Some Milford folks may recall that ten days prior to flying east last
October to film the trailer for Journeys, I was rear-ended in a dreadful car accident. While I knew
instantly I was badly injured, I had no idea I’d end up having major spinal surgery that would
require a recovery lasting at least a year.”
Gallagher added, “However, with all the talent and key crew remaining in place and cheering me
on, we are moving forward and now, our efforts will be directed towards finding a new Line
Producer and a seasoned Executive Producer to help me lock down the final pieces and
Journeys takes place in 1949 in Milford, PA and is based on a true story about Gallagher’s
father, the late Sidney L. Krawitz, a highly respected attorney and past president of the
Pennsylvania Bar Association, and a penniless woman named Olive who came to him to borrow
twenty-five dollars to bury her husband because she heard Sid was “an easy touch.”
“We invite anyone who believes and cares about this film, this special story, and the person at
the heart of it all, Sid Krawitz, to continue to support my team and our efforts to bring Journeys
to fruition.” Gallagher finished. “This film is an homage to my beautiful home town of Milford and
my amazing father. With all of the support we’ve received so far, we know that somewhere
down the road, we will get to make this memorable, beautiful movie.

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