April 2017 NewsFlash


Book Launch/Signing Reception
by local author, Dr. Dillon M. Lobban

Join Dr. Lobban in discussions of his new book,
“Metric System Yes, Common Core No: A Letter to American Parents, Educators, and Politicians, From a Mathematics Teacher”

Damien Roche Fitness Center will be hosting this premiere event on Saturday, April 8 from 2-4pm. To include a short presentation, questions and answers, book signing and light fare.

1346 Route 739, Dingman’s Ferry, PA. 570-686-9496 or visit:

• Learn how you, as parents and educators can make a difference in the future of mathematics and science education for our children.

• Review Dr. Lobban’s findings on why the United States mathematics and science programs are failing. Why we are ranked 40th in mathematics and 24th in science out of 57 countries worldwide!

• See how the metric system and Celsius scale can make a difference in our children’s knowledge and growth as they become our next generation of engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers, etc.

• Discuss the much-debated current Common Core State Standards and their short comings.

***Book Pricing - Special Offer during the signing event***
$15 per copy (25% discount of SRP)

For more information about Dr. Lobban, visit his web site at:
How to order Dr. Lobban’s book:

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